Students’ Game Development Portfolio Showcased at the Spring Show

From virtual reality to real-world career opportunities through the Industry Day, let’s now see what the Spring Show can do for your Game Development portfolio.

Spring Show Industry Day Brings the Bigwigs to School of Game Development Booth

One of the main reasons why students work so hard to get into the Spring Show is the opportunity to meet potential employers.

VR Dreams Come True at Spring Show 2019 with School of Game Development

Missed this year's iteration of the annual Spring Show? Don't worry, we have a quick video here from the School of Game Development showing you exactly what you missed. Hint: a lot.

*UPDATE* Art U Alumna Helps Improve Tenderloin With an AR App

TeenTend is now officially live and available via the App Store!

Academy of Art University Students Partner with San Francisco City Officials to Combat Crime Using Augmented Reality

In an effort increase safety in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, students at Academy of Art University are collaborating with city leaders to make sure their augmented reality app called…

Meet ArtU’s Hearthstone Team

Being a hero sometimes means playing your cards right. This past Fall semester, Academy of Art University assembled its first-ever ArtU Hearthstone collegiate Esports team. The Urban Knights Esports…

View From the Control Room: An Inside Look at the Academy’s Game Room

What do you do when faced with a crowd of wizards, dragonslayers, assassins, and mustached brothers wearing overalls? Put them in the same room, of course! Academy of Art University opened the doors…

Getting to Know the Hero: Overwatch Team Spotlight

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes—notably, offense, defense, tank, and support. At the annual BlizzCon 2016 in Anaheim, California on November 4 and5, Blizzard Entertainment announced it will be…