School of Game Development

School of Game Development Executive Director Talks Community-Building through Games

“It doesn’t matter what the age group is; there are so many people playing some type of game now,” observes School of Game Development Executive Director David Goodwine.

And an astute observation it actually is, considering how gaming has now evolved from a mere pastime or hobby to a full-fledged new means of communication and social interaction. Whether on the desktop or consoles, handhelds or mobile phones, the industry of gaming has ballooned in the past couple of decades—and you may very well expect it to further expand for many more years to come, especially as technology continues to grow faster, smarter.

For Executive Director Goodwine, however, at the core of a good game development program is the presence of a supportive creative community. Anyone with a game design vision or idea would benefit from being surrounded by others who are willing and ready to collaborate.

“They feed off of one other.”

Teamwork Makes the Team Work

There is strength to be had in differences, and the process of game development clearly exemplifies this. That’s why the School of Game Development specifically designed its program to be open to collaboration with other departments.

One successful example of this is the Norman Rockwell VR project. Teaming up with students from the Schools of Interaction & UI/UX Design and Illustration, the Game Development students were able to come up with a one-of-a-kind Oculus virtual reality experience for the Norman Rockwell Museum.

In the process of creating a quality final product, they also end up creating a long-lasting community. “There hasn’t been a day that I’ve said, ‘Why did I do this?’” he said. “I was able to fulfill my dream, and I would like to help them fulfill theirs.”

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