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VR Dreams Come True at Spring Show 2019 with School of Game Development

Missed this year’s iteration of the annual Spring Show? Don’t worry, we have a quick video here from the School of Game Development showing you exactly what you missed. Hint: a lot.

Academy of Art University‘s annual Spring Show is a great opportunity for graduating students to showcase what they’ve learned throughout their stay in art school.

Virtual Reality is the Real Deal

Not only is this the ultimate culmination of all their hard work, however, but it is also a stepping stone that could very well launch their future  careers into success. With industry professionals coming in to check out the students’ works, it’s the best time to put their best foot forward.

In the School of Game Development, they make sure that the students are given access to the latest technology so they can stay ahead of the curve, further up their technical skills, and apply it to their own projects.

Attendees of this year’s show also got to try their hands on the games created by the students—with VR too! Check out this video below:

Dreaming of taking part in our Spring Show one day? Apply now to be a part of our art school community. Need more details? Contact an admissions representative to request for information.