School of Game Development Aishwarya Chandramohan

Students’ Game Development Portfolio Showcased at the Spring Show

From virtual reality to real-world career opportunities through the Industry Day, let’s now see what the Spring Show can do for your Game Development portfolio.

Academy of Art University is all about providing the students with the know-how and skillset to master their craft. After spending the entire time in school doing this, it only makes sense to see the fruits of their labor.

Student work has always been the backbone of the Academy’s Spring Show. For many, it offers their first taste at putting their work out there for public consumption in a major way. Some even get their careers launched because of it.

This event not only lays down the foundation for a stable future in the creative industries; it actually opens doors to it.

That may still be far ahead in your future, but just the same, a little inspiration and encouragement from someone who’s been there, done it wouldn’t hurt.

Check out School of Game Development student Aishwarya Chandramohan’s Spring Show booth below.

Aishwarya is also currently living the dream as a participant in this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Inspired by Aishwarya and the rest of the Spring Show students? Apply now and be one of them at Academy of Art in the next semester. Need more info? Contact our admissions representatives.