Student Design

As many of you know, the School of Landscape Architecture is gearing up for its second year at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show!  The 2013 show will exhibit garden vignettes that showcase the theme “Gardens Make the World Go Round”. Design efforts for the 2013 show are under way by a team of extremely talented and excited students that have come together from the Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture & Design, and Industrial Design departments at the Academy of Art University to collaborate and create!

The Academy of Art University will be featuring a vignette garden that challenges the mainstream thought about the Chinese landscape. Throughout the next week, we will be showcasing all of the great designs that the students have created, and will finally end with the piece that will be built at the show this year.

The design showcased in today’s blog post, was created by Alyssa Irawan of the Interior Architecture & Design department. This garden vignette beckons the garden visitor through a modernized Chinese moon-gate, into a surreal space that offers a place to sit while contemplating the issue of deforestation that has been created in large part due to overpopulation, and clearly juxtaposes the ancient Chinese ideals of a picturesque landscape. The beautiful yellow sculpture piece at the center of the design represents the Chinese symbol for “people” (ren), which creates an elegant diagonal connection between the ancient Chinese ideals of a serene landscapes (Chinese landscape painting background) to the many logged tree trunks.

In addition to the  bold and big moves that Alyssa has made in her design, it is the attention to detail that makes this piece complete. The meticulously crafted moon gate,  the subtle change in hardscape from a golden decomposed granite to a dark gravel, and the beautifully curved wooden bench that allows for a moment of contemplation are all elements that bring the design’s harmony to plain sight.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, and a design from another bright student!