Summer time in SF

Its Summer time everywhere else other than San Francisco so we decided to make a list of our top five outdoor products for this Summer.
1.The walkover lights from the astounding company Serralunga are a stylish and avant-garde way to  light up your garden this Summer, designed by Roberto Paoli who was  inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” video this lights will be the jealousy of your next door neighbor. Check out Jacko Steps at Serralunga

2. Ego Paris is a very modern outdoor furniture company, for those who like to set the mood in their outdoor spaces, Its canopy bed, Eden, will turn your patio into a sexy outdoor bedroom, with its delicate curtains you can create privacy for your Summer sunbathing or just a simple nap. For more information visit EgoParis







3. It would not be summer without an outdoor Louis XV style chair, the Queen of Love Armchair by Linvin.Surprisingly comfortable this chair will make a statement in your outdoor patio, with  hand full of bright colors to choose, this chair is your best option for this summer. Made 100% out of recyclable linear polyethylene. For more products check out bobbyberkhome 




 4. The Great JJ Floor Lamp by Itre is a classic functional task lamp originally designed in 1937, we think this oversize looking desk lamp (almost 14′ feet tall) could be used for commercial spaces like a hotel or a restaurant with a big outdoor space.The Great JJ Outdoor is available in matte black, matte white and matte light grey with the inside the diffuser finished in either white lacquer in the white model or aluminum grey in the light grey and black models, for more products visit: leucosusa

5. Finally, the Maia Collection from  Grupo Kettal offers a variety of  out door daybeds, chairs and swings with a range of up to 70 colors of  polyethylene-covered aluminum pieces. A perfect option to lounge outside this summer:kettal