The Asia Pacific Region of IFLA

The dynamic Region of Asia Pacific is re-asserting its place in the discipline of landscape architecture. The richness, diversity and sensitivity of contemporary landscape designs throughout the Region are testament to the extensive history and strong cultural stories and traditions that shape us.

The Asia Pacific Region is a part of the world that has been shaped by maritime journeys, vibrant cultural landscapes, and economic innovation and is home to a diverse tapestry of landscape architecture traditions.

Member associations representing a diverse array of cultures spread across fourteen countries make up the Asia Pacific Region of IFLA.

The cultural landscapes of the Region hold at their core the history of our profession. The earliest civilizations emerged in this Region and the associated development of beautiful and complex landscapes was embedded within the fabric of these early human settlements. From the earliest gardens found in Mesopotamia, Syria, Persia, China, Japan and the Mughal gardens of India our modern landscapes worldwide have been shaped by the influences of our Region.

Into the future the Asia Pacific Region will be home to a large proportion of the world’s population and with that comes the challenges associated with fast-paced developing economies, increased urbanism and densification. Landscape Architecture is the discipline that can creatively respond to these challenges and provide appropriate and sustainable conduits for change.

Our colleagues throughout the Region are tackling the critical issues facing our world – climate change, population growth and urbanisation and in so doing helping to create sustainable environments that are both culturally rich and socially vibrant.



Damian Tang Kok Fei

Secretary General
Mike Barthelmeh

Greg Grabasch

Chair for Communications and External Relations
Mike Barthelmeh

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