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6 Benefits of Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Growing Your Acting Network

Building a solid network as an actor is essential in building your career. Stepping outside the industry through interdisciplinary collaboration can also provide certain advantages as well.

When you collaborate with production designers, directors, cinematographers, screenwriters, sound designers, producers, and other professionals, you’ll be able to expand your network and gain the following benefits.

Make Connections in Different Industries

Making connections with other actors and with casting directors is a common way to grow your network, but it’s also important to go beyond this. Reaching out to professionals in other aspects of the industry to work on a project, such as film or TV screenwriters or theatrical directors—or even completely outside of it, such as in music production or performance art—is a great way to do this. When you make connections in different industries, you’ll have a much wider network to build a successful acting career. 

Increase Acting Opportunities in Various Mediums

Even if you prefer acting in films, it’s a good idea to become familiar with other mediums. Being part of an interdisciplinary collaboration in another medium, such as a theatrical or television production, can open up a wide range of opportunities for you. You’ll also gain experience working in various production environments, allowing you to consider taking on diverse projects rather than simply staying in your comfort zone. This can lead to a much more rewarding acting career over the years. 

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Learn About the Entire Process 

When you’re involved in projects with other professionals, this gives you an opportunity to learn about the entire process. Instead of focusing on your acting role in a stage play or film, you’ll have a chance to become familiar with everything that goes into that production. From the writing process to the editing and producing processes, you’ll learn more about the various roles that other professionals have in bringing a production to life. 

Gain Experience in Teamwork

Acting isn’t a solitary job. Whether you act in films, TV shows, or plays, teamwork is important. Being able to effectively interact with others in a professional setting can hugely benefit you throughout your career, and lead to additional acting opportunities when other professionals know that you’re a reliable team member. 

Explore Alternative Career Paths

Collaborating with producers, sound designers, costume designers, directors, and others could open up potential career paths for you. While you still might want to focus mainly on acting, you might discover that you have a strong interest in working behind the camera as well. This might encourage you to explore other career paths down the road, such as working as a director or trying your hand at being a screenwriter, or perhaps even producing. 

Enhance Your Acting Skills

Working with other professionals could help you strengthen or expand your acting skills. Spending time with directors and others who work behind the scenes gives you a chance to learn more about what they do and see what their day-to-day experience is like. Knowing how much work and effort is involved with the production beyond your own role can inspire you to give your best performance. 

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