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Academy Weekly: A Midterm Balancing Act

For today’s Academy Weekly roundup, we’ve got a good mix of academic reminders in preparation for the Spring midterms, school events, and fun facts to know about the exciting lives being lived in San Francisco. Hop on board and dig right in!

School-Life Balance

If you’re enjoying your time in our art school thus far, then make sure to do your best so you can stay in it and see your chosen program through. The Academy is also keen on helping students, and so has an Academic Coaching program set up. Check it out and get the help you need for the upcoming Spring midterms.

It should be a good balance, too, to the more hands-on courses at the Academy, such as Fashion Film from the School of Fashion. Application is great, but again, before you can even begin to make the most out of it, your understanding of the theories serving as foundation should be sound.

As for those who are not yet part of the Academy of Art community, but would like to be (hopefully sooner rather than later), we dived into a discussion on why online education is a viable option for aspiring students to take. There are plenty more pros than cons, so if you need to weigh things out, these advantages listed down should help you make a more assured decision.

Meanwhile, we also sent out a call for RSVP to support our ESports gamers for the Overwatch 3v3 intramural, livestreamed last weekend. We hope you were able to catch that as well.

Bay and Beyond

For Women’s History Month, we honored 12 famous women artists and designers from and in the Bay Area that have made significant contributions to the community. Unfortunately, we can’t quite possibly list them all, but no doubt that there are many outstanding women all over the Bay Area—and beyond—who are making the world even just a little bit better.

Finally, for our weekend send-off, we gave you some ideas to help make your dating game strong(er). If you’re looking for some fun and fresh ideas to enjoy the company of your date, while also making a good impression, make a visit to the museum. You’d be surprised to find out just how fun it actually is.

So there you have it, everything we covered last week on the blog. Stick with us for more!