Art & Design Competitions to Look Forward to in 2020 – Part 1

Are you creative and competitive? If you have the skills, drive, and the confidence to share your creations to the world, then here’s a list of art & design competitions you can look forward to. Mark your calendars!

Here at Academy of Art University, we encourage our students not only to join extracurricular activities to meet fellow creatives. We also highly recommend joining student contests to help them learn how to build confidence in their own creative skills.

Student Contests to Join in 2020

Without further ado, check out the list below for some of the student contests spanning different industries that you can look forward to—and hopefully join—this school year. The dates provided are the final deadlines, unless otherwise provided.

Do note that some of them do have application fees, so make sure to read the details thoroughly, and watch out for the fine print.


24 – RedDOt Brands & Communication Design (Submission: Feb 24-June5)


2 – NYF Avdertising Awards
2- The Young Ones
7 – Rookie Awards (Submission: March 7-June 1)
16 – Student Academy Awards (Submission: March 16-June 1)
24 – New Blood Awards


15 – UX Design Award


15 – RedDot – Design Concepts & Protoypes
20 – Architecture at Zero Awards


1 – Good Design Awards


1 – Nickelodeon Artist Program (Submission: July 1-August 1)


11 – Walt Disney Imaginations Design Competition


Adobe Awards will be reopening for submissions sometime in early 2020, which should be right about now. So keep an eye out for that!

We’ll be back with another list of design competitions you can join, next time on contests focused on specific art & design specializations. Make sure to come back for that one!

Academy of Art University encourages its students to join contests outside of the university to expand their network and experience. Apply now if you want to learn in a supportive environment that allows you to challenge yourself and discover your best. Request information from our admissions representatives for more details on our various art and design programs.