Watch: Stress Mounts as Industrial Design School Students Build Dream Subaru Car

It’s crunch time. The industrial design school students and their collaborators from other departments are well on their way to making their dream Subaru car a reality.

Stressful. If there’s one word that the students would agree upon to describe their experience with the production process, that would be it. Then again, considering that they are designing a full car from scratch, we can understand how that description is completely appropriate.

See, it’s not just a matter of perfecting that clay model, as you saw last week. That’s actually the easy part. There’s so much more to this project, as you may have already seen if you’ve been following it thus far.

Director Antonio Borja provides a clearer perspective:

“The goal of the students in this class is to create and design an experience first. There’s a UI design, there’s a UX design, there’s a hardware design, here’s what the vehicle looks like. So they’re really creating a vision that is a lot more holistic.”

Part of this holistic experience is letting the students take full ownership of their project. Assigned team members are going to be responsible for presenting their final product at the upcoming Spring Show in May, and for many, this is going to be a brand new frontier.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here’s Part 5 of the Subaru x School of Industrial Design collaboration video series.

The Big Reveal

Next week, we’re unveiling the final product of all their hard work, so keep it posted here. Let’s find out together if all the stress they went through was worth it.

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