Female Leaders in Art and Design: Dana Jakobson

“I think that when we stop caring who is behind an artwork and let the artwork speak for itself is when we’ll have a pivotal moment in creating a gender-equal world.”

For 3D artist and School of Game Development instructor Dana Jakobson, the games industry has always been a male-dominated one. This in itself already poses challenges to women like herself.

However, she notes that things do feel “a little bit more equal in terms of numbers” now, especially since more women have been joining the industry. Not to say that everything’s peachy now, of course.

But her word of advice for women, especially in today’s world where inequalities are highlighted even more, is this:

Don’t assume that you’re being treated a certain way just because you’re a woman. And if in fact that is what’s happening, it has everything to do with the person treating you unfairly and nothing to do with you.”

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