UX/UI Trends for 2020

Interface Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

UX and UI have come an exceptionally long way since their first inception, and the UX trends in 2020 are only going to push the field to innovate even more. Customer expectations are going up, but their attention spans are not. This means designers first need to understand what’s driving the market before determining how to put their own spin on it. We’ll give you 10 trends that are showing a lot of promise for 2020.

Search by Voice

When up to half of all searches in 2020 will be by voice, the UX needs to account for different kinds of voices and inconsistent speech patterns while optimizing the information given for each query. The answers for these questions need to be both fast and conversational.


In 2020, augmented and virtual reality technology can be used to scan consumer products, provide detailed directions to users, and virtually design entire homes. Designers need to be ready to challenge the boundaries to find practical ways to merge the physical and virtual worlds.

UX/UI Trends for 2020 - AR/VR


Customers expect a speedy user experience no matter where they are and what network they’re on. 5G may not be quite ready as of now, but it could very well be mainstream at some point in 2020. Even if it’s pushed out a little longer, the UX and UI designs of 2020 should be equipped to keep pace with the new technology on the horizon.

The Syncing of Devices

The IoT shows promise for commercial and consumer applications alike by connecting all devices. Whether designing wearables or home appliances, you’ll need to know advanced UX design if you expect users to interact and sync all those touchpoints. The right course will present a wide array of user research from different devices to help guide your interface.

AI/Machine Learning

The UX designers of machine learning need to cater to the needs of the individual as opposed to the masses. Personalization is the key to functional AI, and it starts with knowing the person’s tastes before anticipating their needs. The new user interface design will take into account everything from personal calendars to retail preferences to optimize the content.

Versatile Content

Content today may be accessed via voice, screen, pop-up, etc. If the UX and UI can’t account for different versions of the same message, it’s unlikely to survive in 2020. A basic UX course can give you a better idea of what this looks like in the real world. It can show you how to display or present content for maximum impact.

UX/UI Trends for 2020 - Syncing Devices

More Cooks in the Kitchen

Companies are moving toward designating more product owners to handle specific components of the product (e.g., SEO, mobile app, etc.). The idea is that each person takes on responsibility for increasing user value, but designers may have to get used to having more input from multiple places.

Audits for UX

Audits for the user experience include the investigation of a product’s digital elements to judge whether they’re meeting the industry standards of the day. Audits already exist as of now, but the trend is an increase in scale. So in addition to having more eyes on designers during the design process, there will be more future analysis as well.

UX in Motion

5G will make it easier for websites to feature better graphic content across all devices, and the trend is pushing away from static photos or infographics. A visual design course can teach you how to create dynamic layouts for different sites while still maintaining the integrity of their brand.

Progressive Web Apps

It’s clear that people like apps because of their design and functionality, but not everyone is willing to download countless apps on their phone. Progressive web apps mimic traditional apps, but they’re actually websites in disguise. A UX or UI designer will need to know how to create these sites so they’re intuitive enough for everyone to use.

UX/UI Trends for 2020 - Designing

New and innovative user interface design is going to demand a lot of skills to create. Choosing the best UX/UI courses can be the key to giving you the know-how to keep pace with the technology of the day and the expectations of tomorrow.

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