Creativity in the Pandemic: Art and Design Career Pivots

Creativity remains among art and design careers as they pivot in the midst of the pandemic.

Contest! Create Your Best 6 Feet Apart Poster Design

It’s time to make some lemonade out of this lemon of a year!

Academy Weekly: Sculpting Workshop Ahead, TV Feature on Industrial Design Project, Tips on Handling School Online

Before anything else, don't forget to RSVP for the upcoming Head Sculpting workshop with Tom Durham. From last week, we dished out plenty of tips for school online. Catch them all in this week’s…

Academy Weekly: The Good Things in Life Still Come Free

We’ve got an animation workshop coming up online (for FREE), as well as tips for college admissions and online classes for international students in this pandemic era. But first, a lookback at what…

Academy of Art’s Best of the Best: The Spring Show Showcase

This year’s Spring Show, hosted online, gives you plenty of inspiration and zero excuses to check out Academy of Art University’s Best of the Best. Here are four students with their art portfolio,…

The Art Bundle: Sustainable Design Inspirations and Tips for from Around the World to Your Home

By this time, it’s pretty clear that sustainable design is not just some trendy concept, but rather, a realistic ideal that is here to stay—mainly out of necessity.

Academy Weekly: Walking (Socially Distant) on Summer Sunshine

The summer semester is upon us and it’s going to be nothing like any other we’ve ever had at Academy of Art University. Campus remains closed but you can rest assured that tomorrow, it’s absolutely…

Academy Weekly: Happy and Proud in the Summer

As Academy of Art University continues to stand for diversity and inclusivity, we take the time to also celebrate another group of individuals beset with their own struggles in society.

Academy of Art’s 2020 Spring Show Goes Live

For the first time ever in our art school's history, we are proudly bringing the much-awaited showcase extravaganza of Academy of Art University students' works at the Spring Show exclusively…

Five Landmarks Influenced by Politics and Religion

Politics and religion have been playing deciding roles in the purpose and appearance of architectural landmarks. Here are five of the most prime examples around the world.