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Academy Weekly: Sculpting Workshop Ahead, TV Feature on Industrial Design Project, Tips on Handling School Online

Before anything else, don’t forget to RSVP for the upcoming Head Sculpting workshop with Tom Durham. From last week, we dished out plenty of tips for school online. Catch them all in this week’s Academy Weekly.

The big thing that came out last week was the School of Industrial Design’s feature episode on the new TV series California by Design. The students, represented by Santiago Bastidas, presented their project AURA. It’s all sorts of cool, so skip to the 7:15 mark for the segment, in case you missed the show last weekend.

Helpful Online School Tips

Summer semester is well underway, but whether you’re taking this time to chill or if you’re forging on ahead to stay on top of your academic schedule, it’s important for all to be updated about school things happening online. Especially because online classes are proving to be such a vital component in education nowadays.

So, we’ve compiled helpful tips that should prove useful and relevant to you, particularly as you navigate your way through college during this time of pandemic. Whether you’re attending Academy of Art University locally or from abroad, we hope these tips help you have a better grasp of this new system of learning.

Online Academic Resources – For Academy of Art current students, these offices are open and ready to assist you with your student needs during these unorthodox times. Save their contact details for your reference.

College Admissions Tips in Time of Pandemic – If there’s one thing certain in these times, it’s that these are uncertain times. Still, you cannot hold off on living your life and doing what you have to do to complete your degree or pursue a career. Check out some things you can do to keep you on track for college admissions despite today’s challenges.

Tips for International Students Taking Classes Online – For obvious reasons, today is not the best time to travel abroad, whether for work, study, or play. Fortunately, though, if you’ve been thinking of studying abroad, you can still do so as long as the program you’re getting into has a robust online education system. Much like Academy of Art. Be an online international student and earn the art and design degree you’ve been dreaming of.

Up This Week

12 Iconic Sculptures Around the World – As we mentioned above, there’s a Sculpting Head in Clay workshop happening tomorrow, with School of Fine Art – Sculpture director Tom Durham. So get you pumped up for it, we present you 12 of the most impressive and iconic sculptures around the world. Don’t forget to RSVP for the event!

Academy of Art University is open for the fall semester. Request information from our admissions representatives for more details on our online education program. Apply now to get started on your journey with us.