Creative Mind-Michael Buffington

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 3: Michael Buffington Helps Create Worlds 10,000 Drawings at a Time

Michael Buffington is bursting with ideas about different worlds and unique environments far from what we are normally used to. All he needs to start building them is a pencil and paper.

academy weekly-march23-27-hero

Academy Weekly: We Can Still Look Forward From Inside

Let’s call a spade a spade: March has been very weird. It threw us a major curveball that literally took us out of our comfort zones, but hey, we’ve got a brand new April to make the most out of and…

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Design Trends on Display: 7 Beautiful Coffee Table Books to Inspire You at Home

Coffee table books offer a great source of inspiration for learning more about design in any given field.

Women Supporting Women by Gloria Shugleva on Dribble

Beyond Design Trends: Influential Women in the Design Industry

These influential women are known for their talent, vision, and skills in their respective field, ranging from graphic design to industrial design.


Visual Game Development: Seven Impressive Tabletop Stunners

Video games, movies, and TV shows aren’t the only media that require visual development. Tabletop games also have visual elements that can make a big difference in how they look.


Art & Design Competitions to Look Forward to in 2020 – Part 2

Here we have the continuation for the list of student art & design competitions to look forward to this year. This time we’re honing in on industry-specific awards, so get ready to mark those…

Design Trends Throwback_Monotype_Jane Liu, Tarence Sang, Yun Jo Wu, Jiyu Xia

The Art Bundle: Memorable Milestones, Upcoming Trends in the World of Design

The design industry encompasses a wide variety of niche specializations. From advertising to graphic design, to industrial design to illustration—to name a few—we highlight design components and…

Current Design Trends: Sustainability Across Different Design Industries

Discover what sustainable design looks like in different creative industries.

Photo by School of Photography BFA Andrew McEldowney

Learn the Tools of Your Trade: Popular Design Programs

Get to know nine popular design programs used in several art and design industries.


Art & Design Competitions: Reasons Why Students Should Join

There are many benefits to joining art and design competitions, of course, prestige and prize being compelling ones. There’s so much more to that than just winning, however.