Monday Morning Photo(S) Social Media Edition

For today’s Monday Morning Photos we have an amazing restaurant design inspired by social media, Hashme’s  is the name of the restaurant and it has nothing to do with the food served or with the eatery’s location in Bangkok. It’s the owner’s invitation to guests – to share and tag as many photos of the restaurant as possible. Local design bureau Onion delved deep into its bag of visual tricks to create a photogenic interior that was bound to get the selfies flowing. It helps that the restaurant is on the top floor of a shopping mall, where it enjoys panoramic views of Thonglor, a popular Bangkok thoroughfare. Onion’s design has many more layers, however
Five material ‘filters’ – pink mirrors, light oak, black steel, white marble and green paint – are arranged laterally to define five distinct color-coded zones. The color scheme has been rigorously applied over tables, chairs, walls and ceiling to ensure that regardless of where the boundaries between filters meet, every single object is a chromatic match with all the others in its zone.

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