nhow Hotel by Karim Rashid

The nhow hotel Berlin was designed by American designer Karim Rashid as a celebration of the German city’s modern zeitgeist, by creating a “technorganic” land
of data-driven art and spaces that connect the digital age of information and technology with the physical and spiritual needs of the hotel guests.
My vision engages technology, visuals, textures, color, as well as all the needs that are intrinsic 
to living in a simpler less cluttered but more sensual environment. design touches us on every level,
and design can continue to define and shape our dimensional interior environments and create
new progressive human behaviors and new languages. I always question whether the physical world
is as experiential, as seductive, as connective, as inspiring, as personalizable, and customizable
as the digital world. that is what I tried to achieve with nhow hotel berlin by making a space that
coexists with the data-driven digital infostethic world.
‘ – Karim Rashid
karim rashid: nhow hotel berlin