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Pro Tip: Funko Creative Director Says Enjoy the Rejections

It’s not quite the usual, enthusiastic cheer you may typically expect when talking about the prospects of growing an art & design career, but trust that there is wisdom in this advice.

For Reis O’Brien, creative director for the famous, collectible pop culture toys and accessories, Funko Pop, success isn’t always just about winning. Sometimes, you have to take and roll with the punches too.

Most importantly, you have to be consistent in your efforts. Especially for the graduating students or fresh grads out there, have patience. You will definitely need it as you pursue this path to a creative career. Remember, keep your eyes on the prize, and be ready to take the good with the bad.

Here’s a bite of Reis’s words of wisdom for you to chew on.

Check out his full podcast episode on Creative Mind here.

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Hero image courtesy of Pop Culture Hall of Fame