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Academy Weekly: A Quiz, A Connection, An Exhibit (and more!)

And we’ve only just begun. Here are some of the things we got to cover for Academy of Art University in the past week alone.

First up, the RSVP. The LA College Connection is but a part of a series of events where the Academy lets interested applicants get to know our degrees and programs a little bit more. Hopefully, you’ll find what you’re looking for in terms of the career path you’d like to pursue.

If you’re not feeling all too sure about it at this point, and getting confused at all the available options out there, why don’t you take our Skills Gap Quiz? It might be able to help steer you in the right direction in terms of figuring out your skills strength, areas to develop, and which industry they’re good for.

Meanwhile, we also had a couple of campus activities and events that merited an invite for all. One are the ongoing Sutter Galleries Exhibits for the month of October. The other is the running E-Sports: Overwatch Varsity International, which our E-sports athletes are competing in. Wish them the best of luck so they’ll go far in the tournament!

As for our industry tips and trends to watch out for:

Up This Week

Now that we’ve got the ball rolling, there’s no slowing down for us as we dive deep in the thick of the semester fast.

Some of the things you can look forward to this week include an invite to the SQ1CON 2019, which the School of Industrial Design will be hosting a part of in our campus. We’ve also got an exhibit, this time put up by our veterans, and then some more tips on how to learn and build your skills in areas like podcasting, illustration, art education, and more!

Be a part of our art school community! Academy of Art is now accepting applications for the next school year. Need more to deliberate more on this? Get in touch with our helpful admissions representatives to get the information you need.