All the California by Design judges standing closely together, with Tom Matano in the center of the group

School of Industrial Design’s Tom Matano is Guest Judge in California by Design Episode 5

It’s Tom Matano’s turn in the spotlight! Tune in this weekend to California by Design Episode to catch Tom dishing out his judging skills on TV

After a successful Episode 3 for industrial design school student Santiago Bastidas and their AURA project, Academy of Art University has another episode to be proud in California by Design. This time, we see none other than School of Industrial Design’s Executive Director, Tom Matano, guesting in the show as a judge in Episode 5.

See Tom in action at this weekend’s California by Design Episode. Tune in on Saturday, July 25, at 3PM on KCBS (CBS 2) Los Angeles and KPIX (CBS 5) at 7PM.

Tom Matano at the Judges’ Table in California by Design
Tom Matano at the Judges’ Table


Of course, he needs no introduction for us here in the community. But for those who may be hearing about him only for the first time, Tom Matano is most known for designing not one but two legendary sports cars: the 1993 Mazda RX-7 and the Miata.

Tom Matano, Executive Director, School of Industrial Design.
Tom Matano, Executive Director, School of Industrial Design.

Meanwhile, check out the video below for Episode 3 featuring Santiago Bastidas with the AURA, as well as Urban Knight student-athlete E’lan Hawkins appearing as the episode’s guest presenter. Jump to the 7:15 mark to head straight to the Academy’s segment.

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