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What Aspiring Actors Can Get Out of Acting School: An Overview

"You don't need a degree from acting school to make it in the business! You just need to hustle--and maybe some workshops." Sounds like a solid career plan? Not quite, and you know it too.

In the Heights by ACT

RSVP: ACT Spring Musical – In the Heights

Event: Spring Musical: In the HeightsMatinee: May 12, 2019 – 2PMShow Dates: May 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, and 18, 2019 Doors Open: 7:30 PM; Show Starts 8PM Venue: Sutter Theatre, 620 Sutter St. Admission:…

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Stage vs Screen: Key Differences You’ll Learn in Acting School

Looking to pursue a career in acting? Want to make it big in Hollywood or Broadway theatre? If you’re serious about it, you might as well consider going to acting school to get started. If you…

Improv Acting

Four Acting School Tips to Achieve a Successful Acting Career

The decision to embark on an acting career can be fraught with anxiety. There’s a myth out there that success as an actor comes down to luck much more than anything else. But this doesn't have to be…

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Deborah Eubanks: Acting Faculty Spotlight

Deborah Eubanks is a Voice and Speech instructor at the Academy. She teaches both graduate and undergraduate classes in voice and speech, and is the ARC tutor for the acting department. Q: How did…

Bruce Williams, Acting Faculty

Bruce Williams: Acting Faculty Spotlight

Bruce Williams is an accomplished actor and instructor at the Academy of Art. You can find him teaching Shakespeare or Acting for the camera. Bruce Williams has been a professional actor for 40…

Anthony Montes: Acting Faculty Spotlight

Anthony Montes: Acting Faculty Spotlight

Anthony Montes teaches acting and Meisner technique. He is based in Los Angeles and flies up each week to teach his classes. Anyone who has Anthony as an instructor will know that his knowledge and…

Marvin Greene

Marvin Greene: Acting Faculty Spotlight

Hello Actors! The spotlight is on Marvin Greene this week! Marvin teaches acting, directing, and Shakespeare at Academy of Art. He is also the MC for the Academy's graduation ceremonies! Q: How did…

Karen Hirst: Acting Faculty Spotlight

Karen Hirst: Acting Faculty Spotlight

This week in our Faculty Spotlight is, Karen Hirst. Karen is full-time faculty here at Academy of Art. She is most known for her Improv and Comedy classes. Q: How did you get to where you are today?…

Damon Sperber Acting Faculty

Damon K. Sperber: Acting Faculty Spotlight

Each week will be spotlighting one of our faculty members in this blog on their advice to aspiring actors and how they found success. This week, we are spotlighting our Associate Director, Damon…