The Art Bundle: Practical Tips to Apply to Your Budding Design Career

Rules abound even in the world of creative design. While there are certain standards to best abide by, know that bending these rules can also pave the way for more creative freedom—and more exciting…

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Industrial Design School Takes Front and Center in Upcoming California by Design Episode

Remember that new design show that Academy of Art University teamed up with to showcase up and coming industry game changers? Well, mark your calendars because the episode featuring our industrial…

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Learn the ABCs of Design: Basic Principles for Visual Art

While design trends can differ considerably across different industries, they tend to share some elements in common. Knowing the basic building blocks or principles of visual art…


The Big Reveal: Industrial Design School Collab with Subaru Revs to Success

The Industrial design school and other participating departments were tasked to answer one question: What will Subaru look like in 2030? We're about to find out.

Design Trends Throwback_Monotype_Jane Liu, Tarence Sang, Yun Jo Wu, Jiyu Xia

The Art Bundle: Memorable Milestones, Upcoming Trends in the World of Design

The design industry encompasses a wide variety of niche specializations. From advertising to graphic design, to industrial design to illustration—to name a few—we highlight design components and…

Current Design Trends: Sustainability Across Different Design Industries

Discover what sustainable design looks like in different creative industries.


Watch: Stress Mounts as Industrial Design School Students Build Dream Subaru Car

It’s crunch time. The industrial design school students and their collaborators from other departments are well on their way to making their dream Subaru car a reality.

Photo by School of Photography BFA Andrew McEldowney

Learn the Tools of Your Trade: Popular Design Programs

Get to know nine popular design programs used in several art and design industries.

Subaru-School of Industrial Design Partnership

Watch: Industrial Design School Students Bring Subaru Car Design Ideas to Life with Clay

We’re now past the halfway mark of this video series. As we inch closer to the end of this journey, we can’t help but beam with pride for all our students collaborating with the industrial design…