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RSVP: Academy of Art’s Industrial Design School Hosting SQ1CON 2019 Events

Several SQ1 Conference events will be hosted by our industrial design school throughout Academy of Art University’s urban campus starting TOMORROW, so take your pick and don’t miss out!

Industrial Design Inspo: Famous Furniture Designers

Functionality and art come together in modern furniture design. In this post, we'll talk about some of the most famous designers of the modern era.

School of Industrial Design Group Project

Famous Cars and Their Designers: A Look at Their Impact on the Industry

These famous cars dare future car designers to innovate and create something just as iconic and memorable.

Spring Show Industrial Design Exhibit

Industrial Design Degrees: Exploring Different Types of Product Design

If you’re curious about how new products are created, consider exploring product design and what it entails.

Industrial Design - Jaguar Half-Scale Model

A Guide to Automotive Design: Classes to Expect

What kinds of classes will you be taking for an automotive design degree? Learn about some of the more common classes in this program.  

A play structure for cats and dogs by Industrial Design student Qing Guo

A Guide to Industrial Design Degree Programs: Classes to Expect

What does it take to become an industrial designer? Get ready for the different types of classes in an industrial design degree program with this overview.

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Industrial Design Portfolio Inspo: Cool and Fun Designs for Everyday Stuff

While the word “industrial” might make you think of factories and smokestacks, the field of industrial design is actually very different. In fact, an industrial design career can be incredibly…

School of Industrial Design Subaru project trailer screenshot

A Subaru Project on Your Industrial Design Portfolio? Why Yes, Please!

You have 98 days to reimagine a Subaru car for the year 2030. What will you come up with? This is the challenge posed to Academy of Art students from the School of Industrial Design, in…

Virtual Raelity in Industrial Design

Course Spotlight: Academy of Art Stays Ahead of the VR Curve

Academy of Art University has been on the virtual reality front lines since 2016, when the Schools of Communications & Media Technologies and Motion Pictures & Television hosted its…

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WATCH: Industrial Design Schools Preserve The City’s Film Noir Mood

Nowadays, San Francisco is best known for tech startups, overpriced lattes, Victorian houses, and the primest of the prime in real estate. About half a century ago, however, things were a lot…