Student Design… Day 5

Today’s feature garden vignette is the work of MFA Landscape Architecture student Jason Jeon. With a background in exhibition design, Jason was able to create a design that will delight and challenge San Francisco Flower and Garden Show goers. This garden vignette was designed with the concept of “Virtual Journey” in mind which speaks to the “you can see, but you can’t touch” nature that our society has taken on with the availability of digital media at our fingertips.

The large red structural form that encases the garden serves as an eye-catcher and beckons the visitor to the front entrance of the space, where a tall stand of bamboo screens off the view into the space, yet hints at the journey that lies ahead. Glass encased planters come to attention just past the entry threshold which are accompanied by a backdrop of digitally projected imagery of natural Chinese Landscapes. These images create an ephemeral mood in the space as they change every few seconds and offer a different dazzling view. Beyond the first glass cases and around the bend, a digitally projected pond full of fish is seen on the exhibit floor. The last stop along this journey offers the visitor a place to sit and take in the journey while realizing that he/she has just taken stroll in a pop-up virtual landscape.