School of Industrial Design Subaru project trailer screenshot

A Subaru Project on Your Industrial Design Portfolio? Why Yes, Please!

You have 98 days to reimagine a Subaru car for the year 2030. What will you come up with?

This is the challenge posed to Academy of Art students from the School of Industrial Design, in collaboration with other departments. Needless to say, they’ll be having a pretty impressive industrial design portfolio by the time they complete their degrees.

The brief is as straightforward as it gets. The results: something that we’ll all have to watch out for. It sure is exciting to see what this batch will come up with this time.

Previously, the Academy has collaborated with other big brand names in the automotive industry, such as Volvo and Audi. That’s a pretty cool experience for school work, wouldn’t you say?

Meanwhile, here’s a video preview of the Subaru Project for 2019. To the students working on this, good luck and have fun!

As for those of you looking at options for industrial design schools, check out what Academy of Art has to offer, especially if your goal is to have a portfolio that you could be proud of.

Hero image taken from video screenshot.