Academy of Art Fall Semester

Academy Weekly: Pivoting to Fall—the Art School Way

Join us again this week as our art school blog gives a hearty send-off for August! Summer was great, but we’re ready for Fall.

Last week was all about exploring more into the various art & design careers and industries that you can get into with a degree from our art school.

It’s lean, it’s mean, and you can bet it’s going to be mighty useful especially if you haven’t quite decided yet on what to take-slash-where to go. Or perhaps you’ve already gone somewhere, but you’re not quite sure the choice is still the right one for you.

The options are there, ready and available for your selection, so go explore them!

Meanwhile, to keep things a little bit more fun and interesting (than it already is!) in campus, our Social Media team has dropped its Instagram-inspired contest. Join now for a chance to earn really cool Academy of Art University swag!

Contest: IG #FindInspirationAtArtU

Up This Week

It’s literally only a matter of days before the Fall semester officially opens. No need to fret, for all our new Art U community members, because we won’t be leaving you to come in blind. We’ll give you the lowdown on the upcoming orientation dates, so make sure to take good note of that.

On the Departments front, we’re going to flesh out the different types of advertising, the different types of screenplays, and the different elements that comprise the practice of graphic design. You’re going to know about these so you can better decide on which aspect of the industry you would like to specialize in.

Apart from that, we’ve got a couple of other things for you to look forward to, such as the Sausalito Art Festival sponsored by our School of Game Development. We’ve also got the deets on the Luxury City Tour for the Fall semester, so keep it locked here if you’re interested in joining that one—and then some.

Apply now to Academy of Art University if you want to be officially a part of our community. Request information from our admissions representatives if you still need to learn more before taking the leap!