Academy Weekly: It’s Official—Welcome Back to Art School!

January’s a wrap, and you know what else shut down along with it? That’s right, school break. Before we jump right in to the thick of art school things, let’s do a quick recap on what went down in the last week of vacay here on the blog.

First, we started the week off with a proper greeting for the Chinese New Year. If you missed out on committing to your resolutions the first New Year around, this was your second chance.

After that, it was immediately a whole lot of preparations for the opening of this semester. Orientations were in full swing last week—from Parents & Families to New Students, to Meet Your Director, and even Title IX. If you’re a new student, we hope you were able to attend because attendance was required for these events.

Meanwhile, incoming college students were given tips on possible financial aid options, specifically via CalGrant. Take our simple quiz to find out which type suits you best.

And of course, a proper shout-out is in order to our alumni behind the scenes who contributed to some of the January movie hits. Have you seen these films?

 Art & Design

For the fun stuff, we continued with the game development retrospective, this time focusing on the years 2010-2015. We also looked into the current and future design trends that you can expect to greatly influence designers in the next few years. We also veered our focus from the major Hollywood award ceremonies and shifted to the indie scene. For last week, we focused on the Sundance Film Festival, which also had its 2020 iteration at the same time.

The biggest fun stuff of them all, however, would be the launch of the Subaru x Industrial Design Collaboration Project. Check out Part 1 for some major car design inspiration, but also stay tuned for Part 2 and the rest of the series.

Academy of Art University is open for application for the rest of school year 2020. Send yours in soon to be a part of our art school community. Request information from our admissions representatives, and visit our website for more details on housing, financial aid, and others.