Aquaman 2018

Art School Alumni Help Aquaman Break Through the Surface

Not all superheroes grace the big screen. Aquaman’s wild action scenes and vibrant underwater sequences wouldn’t have been possible without its unsung heroes—the various art school alumni manning the different production departments.

Academy of Art University couldn’t be prouder of its graduates who contributed to this 2018 blockbuster. Let’s give a round of applause to our very own artists making waves in their chosen industry:

Aquaman 2018 PosterRyan Hopkins

Effects Technical Director Supervisor
School of Animation
(Computer Graphics)

Natapon Huangsakuncharoen

Senior Creature Technical Director
School of Animation (VFX)

Praveen Mathew

Senior Lookdev Technical Director
School of Animation (VFX)

Darrin Wehser

Lookdev Technical Director
School of Animation (Computer Arts)

Siau Yene Ang

Digital Compositor
School of Illustration

Evan Wen

Digital Compositor
School of Animation (VFX)

Daniele Mieli

School of Animation

Jean-Denis Haas

School of Fine Art

Directed by James Wan of the Fast and Furious fame, Aquaman tells the tale of a half-human, half-Altantean prince and his quest to reclaim the throne of Atlantis from his war-mongering brother. Starring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and Nicole Kidman, this much-anticipated superhero film is bound to be a box office draw.

Aquaman makes a big splash in theaters this holiday season.

Poster courtesy of ComicBook .com