Beau Oyler

The Inspiring Journey of Beau Oyler and Enlisted Design’s Rise to the Top

Discover how Beau Oyler, the visionary behind Enlisted Design, traces his remarkable journey from rigorous schooling to founding a groundbreaking design agency. Armed with a Bachelor of Industrial…

Working at PARAMOUNT: Living the Dream | Alumni Spotlight

Discover Rain Zheng's journey through the film industry. A vibrant tapestry of relentless progression and hands-on mastery. Armed with an MFA in Film and Television Production from the Academy, she…

aau-blog- motion picture

Christopher Ewing: From Academy to Hollywood

Discover how Christopher Ewing’s BFA in directing and screenwriting from the Academy’s School of Motion Pictures and Television paved the way for his successful Hollywood career. Ewing, winner of…

ui-ux-Kristine Jiao

From Project Management to UI/UX Mastery

Kristine Jiao's insights into returning to school as a student at the Academy are worth watching to understand why it's never too late to change your career path. …

acting blog 1

Why Acting School

So, you want to be an actor? Cool. Anybody can do it, right? The best actors are the ones who don’t appear to be acting, so clearly, there must be nothing to it. So is the key to “keeping it real”…

Take College Classes This Summer Anytime, Anywhere!

Summer classes don’t have to be a drag. With virtual classes, you can earn college credits anytime, anywhere, while collaborating with classmates everywhere.

GR-Kelly Chena-Moti Transit App4

Holy Crop! These Graphic Design Student Works are Awesome!

Yep, it's gonna take more than just owning a graphics editor software to be called a graphic designer.

Through the Lens: Slices of Life Captured

Our School of Photography students make it look so much fun, but they're not playing around with their work. Ever gone around San Francisco to see a bunch of people making weird poses and serious…

Women in Fine Art by Women in Fine Art

We're here to celebrate women in all their beauty and complexity, as depicted in art.


Fashion Creatives to Watch from the School of Fashion

These up and coming fashion designers are showing why Academy of Art University is a recognized leader in fashion education.