Why I Attended the Academy

The Academy has seen many years of fantastic accomplishments from our students—from nationally-recognized doodlers to composers creating the music for the historic San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade. With such exciting achievements, it’s important to pinpoint the moment that started it all.

Before there were finals, midterms, and those getting-to-know-you icebreakers on the first day of class, there was a single, significant decision: to enroll at Academy of Art University.

As you consider your options for an art and design education, we’d like to share the top four reasons why some of our students make the decision to start their journey at the Academy!

1. Passion: Since Academy of Art University was established in 1929, it has been devoted to supporting the creativity, inspiration, and talents of students. The Academy offers accredited AA, BA, BFA, BS, B.Arch, MA, MFA, and M.Arch on-site and online degree programs in more than 30 areas of study, as well as continuing art education and pre-college art experience programs. No matter which direction students to direct their passions, the Academy serves to help them discover their creative potential.

2. Location: Located in the heart of San Francisco, California, the Academy’s artistic campus invites students to immerse themselves into the city’s creative culture and artist community.

3. Mentorship and Networking: Students have the opportunity to learn from Academy faculty members who are current industry professionals with real-life experience and insight. In addition, students participating in the university’s networking opportunities have the chance to meet with Academy alumni that go on to work for companies such as Apple, Nike, Pixar, Zynga, and more.

4. Peers: The people you meet, relationships you build, and experiences you go through all contribute to the excitement of being an art student. Being in the classroom with students who share your same passions opens the door for outstanding collaborations and projects. With dozens of clubs and organizations, students at the Academy can explore creative outlets with fellow peers along the same journey.