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Contest! Share Your Best Creative Sustainable Design Ideas

This is your last call! We’re picking winners real soon–and announcing them next week–so send in your entries until 11:59PM TONIGHT, March 17th!

Originally posted March 30, 2020

For the true artist, creativity and ingenuity will always manage to shine through, no matter the circumstance. As we ready to celebrate Earth Day in April, we challenge you to a sustainable design contest that will put your imagination to the test.

It can’t be denied that there is a bit of irony in the fact that as the world today is under siege from a virus that attacks the respiratory system, the earth is breathing a lot easier. The situation we’re in is, of course, less than ideal, but we are most definitely optimistic that we will come out of this stronger and better, armed with the lessons learned.

That is why we are calling on our art school community to participate in this year’s Earth Day Sustainable Design contest. We know you have a lot of great ideas on sustainability, so we’d like to know about them.

Starting today, March 30, until April 17, we will be accepting your entries for the contest. This is open to all, by the way, not just our Academy of Art University students. Check out the mechanics below.

Contest Mechanics

  1. Post a video showcasing your ideas on sustainable design in your social media account
  2. The video length must be at 1-minute MAX
  3. Use the official contest hashtag #ArtUGoGreen to qualify
  4. Your sustainable design idea may be as straightforward as an oral explanation, or may involve visual assets such as illustrations, photographs, teaser trailers, models, patterns, etc. Sky’s the limit with your creativity!

We will be announcing the winners—three in total—on Earth Day itself, April 22, 2020, who will then receive fun, sustainable prizes!

So get those creative, thinking hats on and share with us your innovative sustainable ideas! Follow us on  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

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