Academy Weekly Roundup

Academy Weekly: Like Spring in the Air and in Your Steps

That was quite the semester opening, wasn’t it? It was just your first week (back/ever) in art school, and already it was packed to the brim with activities. We here on the blog front are trying our best to keep up with all the Academy things going on as well, which is why we’ve been very religious in posting all things relevant and interesting to you.

In all the rush that transpired throughout the week, however, it is highly possible that you may have missed out on some of the cooler things we’ve posted. Not to worry, though, because this is what this Academy Weekly roundup is for. Dig in and fill up; we promise you there’ll be more coming your way.

Springing Out the Welcome Mat

We’re just as excited as you are not only for this semester but for the rest of the school year as well. That’s why we not only welcome you back to school with a blog post, but also pretty much give you a comprehensive list of What’s What in the Academy. If there’s one resolution you should have for this new Chinese New Year, it’s to resolve to go all in on your Academy experience.

Super Alumni for the Super Bowl

It’s always a treat for us to hear one of our alumni doing well in their chosen careers. Some of them even do so well that their work ends up getting featured in a national ad aired in no less than the Super Bowl. Mark Cofer continues to make us proud with this latest accomplishment under his belt, and we hope he, as well as our other graduates, continue to inspire you students as well.

Stay Cool in School

Okay, that may sound like such a cheesy catchphrase for an educational campaign, but really, it does summarize the message pretty well in a nutshell. Here at the Academy, we aim to provide students with a holistic experience of learning, which means we want you to have fun while working to earn your art degree. We’re advocates for work-life balance, after all. So, if your social calendar’s still looking pretty drab at this point, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Telling Stories with Pictures

If you like telling stories, but find it difficult to find the right words, maybe it’s just a matter of finding another medium for it. Photography can be just as effective as literature in delivering narratives. A picture paints a thousand words, so they say.

Mastering Screenwriting

Great things start from small beginnings. You can’t be an expert at something without first being a novice. The same applies for those who want to pursue a career in screenwriting. You can try doing it on your own, of course, but why waste time and effort when you can have actual experienced professionals guide you through your own development? But first, you must find the right screenwriting school for you.

Academy Pro Tips

Think you’ve got it all handled now for this Spring semester? A few more tips wouldn’t hurt, especially if they’re from your Academy instructors and directors, no less. These pieces of expert advice are pure nuggets of golden wisdom. Enjoy, and put it to good use.

Up This Week

There’s plenty more where those posts came from! You can look forward to some more helpful tips, starting with how to pursue an acting career this week. We also have a couple of major events on the calendar, such as Valentine’s Day, PCAE Prep Day, and the Academy Club Mixer.

Meanwhile, we also have some interesting bits of industry trivia, like the top videogame soundtracks of all time, respectively ranked, as well as a well-deserved shout-out to the woman behind Coachella.

We’ve got it all sorted and ready for you. All you have to do is keep it posted right here. Have a great week ahead, everyone!