Art From Home: Performance and Fine Art Online

Performance art is more important than ever before. Online methods make it possible to stay connected and enjoy performances without leaving home.

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way performance arts are handled in a modern environment. The traditional processes of putting on live performances are falling aside due to stay-at-home orders throughout different states and localities. Despite the limitations, it is still possible to enjoy your favorite performance art through online resources.

Performance Art from the San Francisco Ballet

The San Francisco Ballet is making it possible to enjoy the beauty and talent of artists through archive performances online. It also invites viewers to live-streams of students and performers as they take lessons online and practice at home. These at-home practices are designed to ensure the safety of students, ballet masters, and the audience.

However, a critical way the Ballet is keeping up with the financial challenges of the pandemic is through a critical relief fund. Members of the audience can make donations to help alleviate the financial strain on the non-profit organization from the virus. Since most live performances has been cancelled, the donations and participation in online performances assist with the challenges of the virus. The archive performances and live streams on YouTube are free for audience members to access and enjoy.

The Royal Opera House

People who love classical music, ballet, or the opera will enjoy the opportunity to watch performances from the Royal Opera House in London. For those who are looking into a music career, the live streams by the Royal Opera House provide unique learning opportunities.

Like SF Ballet, their performances are also available on free live streams via Facebook and YouTube. Audience members can watch live performances and online masterclasses that offer insight into the musical styles found in the opera house. It also allows audience members to enjoy performances and keep up with the Royal Opera House while staying at home.

San Francisco Conservatory of Music

The San Francisco Conservatory of Music is taking the challenges of the coronavirus seriously through its Tiny Dorm Concerts. The Conservatory of Music recognizes the positive impacts of music during difficult times. So, it is offering live performances and live masterclasses online to keep spirits up during quarantine and stay-at-home orders.

The live performances are from students and masters in their own rooms, living rooms, or a private concert hall. The skill and training exhibited during the performances showcase the hard work that each individual puts into their practices. The live masterclasses also feature the process of learning new works and keeping up with practice during a challenging time.

Boston Symphony Orchestra

The Boston Symphony Orchestra is taking a proactive approach to keeping up with the audience through BSO at Home. The orchestra is releasing new music from the archives every day at 10 in the morning for audiences to enjoy. It is also providing behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive interviews and content from musicians about their daily lives of handling the stay-at-home orders.

The Symphony Orchestra plans to maintain the daily content throughout the stay-at-home orders and does not plan to discontinue until after May 20th. It is currently available through their online website.

The Mayo Performing Arts Center

When it comes to performance art, the Mayo Performing Arts Center focuses on a variety of different artforms and shows. Due to COVID-19, the focus for events has shifted from live performances at the center to live performances online. Audiences can enjoy original concerts every week on Facebook Live, or visit the online website to look at archived content.

The online content and live performances allow audiences to keep up with their favorite artists and enjoy shows every Friday. Artists are able to show their skills from home or private concert halls without a large audience or taking risks.

The challenges of COVID-19 make performance art stand out as a critical part of keeping people’s spirits up. It offers a break from the day-to-day stresses of quarantine, social distancing, and isolation. Audiences can offer support to performing artists by donating to appropriate centers or organizations, as well as watching content online to show continuing interest in the performances.

Art never stops! Even during difficult times, the show must go on. Performance arts have healed, inspired, and encouraged people for centuries and will continue to do moving forward. From Acting to Fine Art, we are confident that artists and designers will stand together at this time.

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