Academy of Art’s Director of Sculpture on the Importance of a Fine Arts Degree Today

Director Tom Durham on the Relevance of Earning a Fine Arts Degree Today

Technology has so changed the ways and means to express creativity, that even the professional landscape has been reshaped altogether. The School of Fine Art’s Director of Sculpture talks about why a fine arts degree remains ever relevant despite these changes.

When Tom Durham was 9, he went to see the New York World Fair and, in what he considers to be that pivotal moment when he first fell in love with art, came face-to-face with Michelangelo’s Pieta. It’s as classical a sculpture as it can get, and is an absolutely breathtaking one at that. 

In between that time, and in the course of his studies as a student in a fine arts school, up to now that he’s serving in the academe as Academy of Art University’s Director of the School of Fine Art’s Sculpture department, a lot has greatly changed in the industry over the years.

Changing Times, Evolving Needs

Whereas before, sculpture is only perceived to be in the context of clay or marble and tools like hammer and chisel, now it includes a wide array of technology such as modern casts and molds, and computer software, among others.

Apart from that, job opportunities also changed—but for the better. Today, a fine arts degree will not only get your foot in the museum door. It could also pave the way for professional opportunities in various other creative industries like film, animation, and gaming.

For Director Tom Durham, it’s all about knowing what skills the jobs in the market require, and working hard to develop the same. And for that, you’ll need a fine arts degree, preferably in a reputable fine arts school like Academy of Art.

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