Jade Wu Exhibit on Sutter

Academy Galleries on Sutter Open Back-to-Back Exhibits for April

If you’re a fan of visual art, then you’d be glad to be living in the Bay Area. With a wide variety of San Francisco art galleries, there’s certainly never a shortage of art shows and exhibits to attend.

Like today. When two of the Academy of Art galleries on Sutter open new exhibits to the public.

Aimee Youm

Exhibit Run: April 4 – April 26, 2019
Opening Reception: April 4, 5:30PM
Gallery: 625 Sutter
Medium: Photography

Aimee believes in the magic of moments. She also believes that “life is a collection of fleeting moments that can not be kept forever.” For her Fleeting exhibit, she hopes to be able to provide pause to the viewers of her photographs:

“Color of the sunlight touching the empty wall, movement of the drifting water, and the things that will quickly disappear into the air.”

Aimee Youm

With this, she hopes you will realize these fragments do make you complete.

This School of Photography alum opens her exhibit Fleeting today, April 4th, with a reception at 625 Sutter at 5:30PM. Exhibit is open to the public.

Passage Through the Hollow
Jade Wu

Exhibit Run: April 4 – April 29
Opening Reception: April 4, 5:30PM-7:30PM
Gallery: 688 Sutter
Medium: Painting 

As a child growing up in Guangzhou, China, Jade had always been surrounded by art. Her mother, an interior designer with a passion for fine art painting, often brought her to art museums and other artistic events. 

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that she went on to earn not just one, but two fine art degrees—both from Academy of Art. She earned her BFA in Fashion Textile Design in 2015, and then pursued a Master’s degree in Fine Art Painting in Spring 2017.

Today, she opens the exhibit for her collection of landscape paintings in abstract interpretation.

“Through layered smudges and strokes of color, I record my thoughts and emotions. I want to show my connection and understanding of nature and the sensation from the scene of different seasons.”

Jade Wu

Catch the works of these Academy-grown artists on Sutter throughout the month of April. Keep it posted here for more Academy of Art Galleries events and updates.