Academy of Art’s Fashion School Pays Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

Earlier this week, the world of fashion was shocked to learn of the demise of legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. As Academy of Art‘s very own fashion school looked up to him both as an icon and inspiration, it is thus no surprise that they paid tribute to him in their school blog.

It wasn’t just the students that had to say something about him. School of Fashion director Simon Ungless also had some choice words to share in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Karl was brilliant in that he surrounded himself with people who knew what was going on and had an eye for everything. He was generous toward the fashion industry in how Chanel supported artisans in France and beyond — from large houses like Lesage to smaller companies. I can’t think of anyone else who designed so many different collections at so many different companies at once.”

– Simon Ungless, executive director at Academy of Art University School of Fashion

Indeed, it was a life meant to be fulfilled. And for Karl Lagerfeld, there was no other way to do it but fashionably.

Karl Lagerfeld Self-Portrait, 2013