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Holy Crop! These Graphic Design Student Works are Awesome!

Yep, it’s gonna take more than just owning a graphics editor software to be called a graphic designer.

Perhaps you were feeling productive that weekend and so volunteered to take a crack at designing your local community center’s fundraising drive poster to get people to chip in. Or maybe a friend’s beloved pet had gone missing, and you think colorful flyers should help, right?

For every little project you take on, you start feeling it a little bit more: “I am a graphic designer. “

That’s cute, but, not quite. But you’re taking steps in the right direction, we’ll give you that.

See, if you really want to be a graphic designer, the first thing you need to know is that it’s going to take much more than a few Magic Eraser tricks and a steady Lasso hand for you, or anyone, to earn the title of being a graphic designer.

Let these School of Graphic design students below tell–nay, show you as much.

Alex Lang – Jean Nouvel + Pure Design // Exhibition Catalog

Celina Kianisha – Ironside Aquavit // Product Packaging

Kelly Chen – Moti Transit App // MFA Thesis

Tom Galang III – House of hip-Hop // Business System

Rolando Etorma – Streetwear: Japan // Historical Overview

Morgane Barratt – Shield App // Tutorial

Thanks to our School of Graphic Design students for sharing these masterpieces from the 2021 Spring Show.

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