Interaction & UI/UX Design

How Interaction & UI/UX Design School Can Kickstart Your Career

As you prepare for your web design career, you must be ready for the realities of the rapidly advancing tech world. The drive to push technology further demands the best from the brightest in the field. If you want to excel in this realm, a quality UX/UI design program can help you become competitive.

A web design career requires more than knowledge of front-end coding, however. You can achieve your goals faster than ever if you also learn art and design. And where better to study than in the epicenter of the tech industry, San Francisco, where art and tech intersect?

To get started, learn why you should study UX/UI and other digital media design principles at an art school!

Unique Educational Philosophy

The educational approach of art school programs strongly differs from that of coding and design-based programs—and for the better.

At Academy of Art University, our web design school focuses on four principles that help us stand out from the crowd: design thinking, visual communication, technology, and user experience. These principles help our students develop an eye for aesthetics and a well-rounded background. Upon completing their training, our students and alumni have the foundations to start building tomorrow.

A Strong, Diverse Skillset

A great web designer needs to be a strategic thinker, producer, and technologist. Our unique approach at the Academy helps our students develop a comprehensive design thinking process that can get them there.

By taking our Interaction & UI/UX Design courses, you can learn the skills you need to take your career to new heights. Moreover, diverse career paths ranging from a front-end developer to an art director will be open to you. With this level of training, you can transition from web design school to the professional tech world with confidence.

Creation of a Dazzling Portfolio

While in web design school, you will build a professional portfolio showcasing your skills in UX/UI, motion graphics, VR, and IoT. Every student graduates with one, no matter their area of focus. In addition to standard final designs and mockups, our students include robust case studies in their portfolios, impressing employers and clients.

You really cannot create a portfolio of this caliber in a short course or workshop. Only training, years of hard work, and support from experienced teachers can help you build a competitive portfolio. Our industry partners, such as Facebook, express their appreciation for the breadth and depth of the student portfolios from our web design school.

Mentorship from Industry Experts

Every faculty member at the Academy is an industry professional. These instructors share insights into the field and provide helpful feedback when reviewing all your work. Under their guidance, you can hone your skills and prepare for your future career.

Furthermore, our industry partners, such as Facebook, Google, and Lyft, participate in the Ideate Conference every semester. At this event, our students have the chance to go over their portfolios and practice interviewing with experienced web designers. Some students may even land promising internships and jobs at major tech companies worldwide.

Interdisciplinary Collaborations

With such a wide range of majors available at the Academy, our students can work with other artists and designers from many different fields. These collaborations are amazing opportunities for students to gain real-world experience.

For example, take our self-driving truck collaboration with the School of Industrial Design and Volvo. As our students team up across departments, they create futuristic designs for big companies, including Jaguar and GM. In doing so, they also have the chance to put their names out there and connect with industry professionals.

Ideal Learning Environment

Our students enjoy the benefits of being in the right place at the right time with our San Francisco location. We live in the heart of global technology, the Silicon Valley, surrounding our students with innovation—and the thriving community that supports and celebrates it. As a result, we remain on the industry’s radar as a primary source of design talent.

Kickstart Your Career with Web Design School

By going to school, you give yourself access to industry leaders and the knowledge you need to succeed in your web design career. Why wait to explore your options? Visit our web design school page to learn more about how the Academy can support you.