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Academy Weekly: Hit the 2020 Ground Running

In that weird in-between days of the holidays, when you’re set to auto-pilot mode, barely recognizing what day it is, where you are, or who you are, we powered through to help give all of you in our art school community the strong start of the year that you deserve.

Not to say it was all too easy for us—we did struggle to shake off the holidays hangover as well. But no worries! We’re all good now, all shaken off, and ready to brave 2020 with a steady step and unwavering smile!

Understandably, you may have missed out on our updates during those days of limbo and impasse, and so here we are with the first Academy Weekly update for the brand new year, doing what we do best: making sure you don’t stay missing out.

Up This Week

As we dive headfirst into the thick of January, we set our sights on the spectacular world of entertainment arts, visual design; and game, animation, and new media.

Watch out for our Director Dialogue with School of Game Development’s David Goodwine, and a quick look at the School of Illustration. We also have some important details on CalGrant—a must-know for those looking to get educational financial aid!—and a fun-tastic San Francisco Tour Day hosted by no other than Academy of Art University.

We’re serving up new cool stuff this year, so we hope to see you come back for more!

Academy of Art University is now accepting applications for School Year 2020. Request information from our admissions representatives on our various art & design degrees, housing programs, financial aid options, military and veteran benefits, and more.