Pixar – What Makes a Story Relatable

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A Look At Pixar’s Secret Storytelling Weapons

A new video explores the many ways in which Pixar’s storytelling is designed to evoke highly recognizable, personal emotions in each viewer.

WHAT: A video essay on why Pixar films tend to be so relatable.

WHO: YouTuber KaptainKristian.

WHY WE CARE: It’s not just that Pixar films put viewers through the emotional wringer, it’s the way they do it—not with cheap manipulation but with meticulously crafted storytelling and core truths. In a new video essay, YouTuber KaptainKristian explores one of Pixar’s famous 22 Rules, the one centered around making sure each story has a case to exist. Over the course of a few minutes Kristian posits that Pixar stories exist to reflect viewers’ essential humanity right back at them—often using non-human avatars—in a way that older viewers will recognize and younger viewers might internalize. We may be watching toys, fish, or dinosaurs, but what we see is ourselves (blurrily, as the tears begin to flow.)