AEM-JEM-DIY Lightbox

Resources for Photographing Jewelry

Are you looking to photograph your work but are limited on resources and budget?

Try creating this DIY lightbox to capture the right shots for your final portfolio and Spring Show submissions. Also included below is a list of websites and articles that may be helpful for photographing your pieces. Great images are an essential part of your jewelry marketing, and there is always something new to learn.

How To Photograph Jewelry – A Beginner’s Guide
Source: Pixc, Holly Cardew

How to Photograph Jewelry
Source: Adorama’s 42West

Photo Studio Tips – Lighting
Source: Halstead, Bethany Blackshear

How to Photograph Jewelry Using Smartphones
Source: Picup Media

Jewelry Photography Tips: How to Use Your Phone
Source: Halstead, Janelle Hinesley

How to Photograph Jewelry on Models: Tips from the Pros
Source: The Jewelry Loupe, Cathleen McCarthy

Photographing Jewelry on Models
Source: Halstead, Janelle Hinesley

Tips for Hiring a Professional Jewelry Photographer
Source: Halstead, Ashley Maldonado

Build a Jewelry Photography Setup for $100
Source: Halstead, Bethany Blackshear