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Academy Weekly: Online Tips, Art Inspo, and Upcoming Online Events This Week

We’re well into this lockdown and we’re getting the hang of it—kind of. Don’t you think? We hope you’ve adjusted and found your routine. One thing’s for sure, we’re staying with you all the way.

Interested in joining one of our several virtual open house tours? Know what to expect and prepare with these Online Open House tips.

Speaking of tips for online activities —which are the only types we have nowadays, anyway—we shared some very useful ones for you to protect your artwork online should you decide to share it with the rest of the worldwide web.

We hope you were able to submit your entries for our Sustainability Design Earth Day contest! We did give you enough heads up, after all. Watch this space this week for the announcement of winners.

Academy of Art Series

These have been regularly running on our blog, and we hope you’re enjoying them thus far. Just keep checking back in for them as we have more coming up!

Oh, and in case you’ve been getting inspired to chat up a storm through your own podcast show, here are some nifty tricks and tips you should know to help get you started.

Art and Design in Everyday

Miss the outdoors, hanging out at the park with friends, or taking quiet afternoon stroll in the neighborhood? Yeah, we do too. In the meantime, let’s take a look at these beautifully landscaped famous gardens around the world.

Getting bored with just streaming through Netflix? Have some intentional theme for your everyday viewing. If you’re into art and history, we’ve got you covered with these seven movies and TV shows that required the help of art history consultants.

Meanwhile, here’s another dimension to fine art: installation art. Check out this basic overview if this is your first time encountering it, or if you’re just curious or interested. You never know, you might get inspired and it turns out this is your kind of art.

Upcoming This Week

We’re counting down to this year’s Spring Show, that’s what’s up. Yes, it’s still a go, so hang tight in there; we’ll be back with details on it shortly. We have our usual blog fare too, of course, so all you have to do really is stay tuned.

Want to up your productivity? Sign up, log in, and attend the following events happening online this week at Academy of Art University.

April 21, Tuesday

  • Online Education Webinar – 3PM PDT (Open to General Public)
  • COM Tuesday Tunes: Organized by Urban Knights Radio (and work study Vanessa Salas). IG live

April 23, Wednesday

  • Fine Art with Craig Nelson – 6PM PDT (Open to General Public)
  • Industrial Design Virtual Workshop on Keyshot, a visualization software for anyone interested in design – 3PM-5PM PDT (Open to General Public)

April 23, Thursday

April 24, Friday

  • Social Distance Learning with Craig Nelson on FB Live – 12PM (Open to General Public + Students)
  • Illustration: Location Sketching Workshop on ZOOM – 1PM-4PM PDT (Open to General Public + Students)

April 24 – 27, Friday-Monday

ADV/WNM 2020 Adobe Creative Jam

College + Airbnb Creative Jam with Adobe XD
(Open to currently enrolled college students of institutions in US, UK, and Canada)
Kick Off: Fri, Apr 24 from 12-2pm ET/9-11am PT
Finale : Mon, Apr 27 from 12-2pm ET/9-11am PT
Register: https://cjam.in/airbnb. Promo Materials: https://www.creativejam.in/openjams/aprilxd

Academy of Art University, a leading pioneer in online education, may have temporarily closed our San Francisco campus, but the semester continues according to the academic calendar with our online classes.

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Hero image: Monet’s Garden courtesy of Nadrog/Pixabay