Depictions of Global Pandemic Throughout Art History

Art history is full of depictions of pandemics, epidemics, and plagues. We only need to look at some of these samples to be reminded that the one we're living in today is far from over.

Depictions of Queer Art throughout History

Queer art has a long history. Here are some prominent examples of how LGBTQ+ was depicted in art throughout history.

AH-Last Supper-Andy Warhol

Art School Inspiration: Artworks That Inspired Other Artworks

Works of art aren’t created in a vacuum. In fact, it’s common for artworks to draw inspiration from other works of art, including completely different types from the past or present.

art-history-liberal arts

Practical Values of Art History and Art Education

You’ve probably heard it before: there are no jobs for art majors, or that liberal arts degrees aren’t a worthwhile pursuit. It’s a common belief about art school—and it’s also untrue.

Seven Films and TV Shows Refined by Art Historians

To make the biggest impact, historical TV shows and films must make accuracy a priority. Here's how people with an art history degree can help.

Seven Inspiring Art History Movies to Watch

Studying art history is using intelligence to analyze the historical context, and applying emotions to connect with art. Watching films can certainly stimulate our emotional and rational reflections…

book recommendations for art history students

7 Books You Should Read if You’re Into Art History

If you are working on earning an art history degree online, here is a list of our book recommendations for your pleasure reading time.

Girls in a Museum

On the Shoulders of Giants: 7 Famous Art Historians Who Changed the Field

The contributions of these seven famous art historians have changed how we approach works of art today.

foundations art history

Why Taking Art Foundations Classes is Important for Art History Students

Art foundations classes can provide you with the fundamentals needed for having a better understanding of and appreciation for art.

Mirabelle (1990) by Helen Frankenthaler

Five Famous Female Painters Throughout Time

You might know some of the names in this list of famous women painters—but do you know all of them?