The Accolade Global Film Competition Announces Latest Winners

The next Accolade Global Film Competition deadline is May 27, 2017

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~  The Accolade Global Film Competition Announces Latest Winners  ~

(La Jolla, CA, March 2017) – The awards go to those filmmakers, television producers and videographers who produce fresh, standout entertainment and compelling documentaries. The Accolade is an international awards competition that honors those who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity.

~ Best of Show ~

Kavi Raz  –  The Black Prince – Feature Film
Kavi Raz (India), The Black Prince, Film Feature – A tragic yet fascinating true story about the last King of of Punjab. Kidnapped from his throne at age 5, Duleep Singh grows up under the supervision of Queen Victoria as an English prince. After thirteen years, he meets his birth mother and uncovers his true past. His character, as it evolves, is torn between two cultures and faces constant dilemmas until he decides to embark on an extraordinary journey across the world to regain his kingdom in a fascinating tale of self-realization and identity. Featuring the acting premiere of Indian Punjabi, singer-songwriter, Satinder Sartaj and British stars Amanda Root (The Iron Lady), SAG Nominated Jason Flemyng (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) Ameet Chana (East Enders), Rup Magon (Bonjour Ji) with a standout performance by legendary Lifetime Award winning Indian actress Shabana Azmi (Neerja, City of Joy).  Opening in theaters May 16.
~ Award of Excellence Special Mention ~

Roberta Durrant, Krotoa, (South Africa) Film Feature – A Khoi tribe girl in the 1600’s is taken to live with the colonizing Dutch, rises to become an influential interpreter and becomes torn between cultures and loyalties. Beautiful cinematography, expert story-telling, powerful performances and Emmy Award crew. Stars Crystal Donna-Roberts, Armand Aucamp and Deon Lotz.

Alex Kronemer (USA), The Sultan and the Saint, Doc Short – Narrated by Oscar winner Jeremy Irons is the story of Francis of Assisi and the Sultan of Egypt in a search for mutual respect and common ground on a bloody battlefield during the Crusades. With a captivating narrative, striking cinematography and exciting reenactments.

Oleg Asadulin (Russia), Paranormal Drive, Film Feature – A married couple buys a used car, unaware there was a body of a murdered woman there before. On an overnight trip with their daughter they are possessed by a ghost and their route is forever changed.  Stars: Svetlana Ustinova & Pavel Chinaryov. Distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Shamim Sarif (United Kingdom), Despite the Falling Snow, Film Feature – In 1950s Moscow, communist Katya (Rebecca Ferguson) spies on Alexander (Sam Reid) for the Americans, and falls in love with him. When he unwittingly closes the net around her, she makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect him. Intriguing and heart-breaking with memorable performances.

Troy Thomas (USA), Liberty & Slavery: The Paradox of America’s Founding Fathers, Doc Feature – A compelling story exploring a deep-seeded paradox of the US Founding Fathers – while they were rallying the colonists to liberty, they simultaneously owned slaves. An intelligent and thought provoking work by Emmy-winner Thomas.

Fabrice Bracq (France), A Whole World for a Little World, Film Short – A woman tells her baby a great story of their lives as a fairy tale with princes and princesses to pass on memories. Deftly directed with superb acting it includes both humor and pathos in a creative and heart-warming way.  Stars Delphine  Théodore and Stéphane Coulon.

Egor Baranov (Russia), Gogol, TV Program/Series – Gogol is a clerk in 1829 with epileptic fits that give him visions that solve crimes. With the legendary inspector Yako Guro, they travel to a small village where everyone has a secret to hide. A compelling storyline, beautiful cinematography and supernatural effects. Stars Alexander Petrov and Oleg Menshikov.

Fabien Colas (Luxembourg), Roxy, Film Short – Roxy is an aging prostitute, working in a lovemobile on the German-Luxembourgish border. After being rescued from a brutal rape, she meets Jeff, a young man, whose intentions seem unclear to her. With nuanced, authentic and touching performances by Milli Schlesser and Christiane Rausch.

Julien Homsy (France/Canada), Popsy, Film Short – In this adaptation of a Stephen King short story, Weber’s addiction to poker leads him into deep trouble. Forced to cover his debt to Mr Rudy, he reaches a point of no return. Credible acting, effective shooting and editing it successfully leads the viewer to the surprise ending.

Mao Qichao (China), Revelation- The City of Haze, Animation – In a dystopian future of darkness and despair we follow a young children as they age and face the dangers and destruction that are all around. With exceptional detail, remarkable animation and expert direction this film makes an impact about the important things in life.

~ Award of Excellence ~

Alexander Kronemer, Unity Productions Foundation (USA), The Sultan and The Saint, Christian, Islamic

Alon Chan (Hong Kong), Southern Edge of the Cloud, Asian

Assaf Ben Shetrit (USA), Elements of Matter, Actor: Leading (Ben Wise as Fritz), Actress: Leading (Holley Fain as Lilly Kent)

Bernadette Slowey (USA), Berni’s Journey, Documentary Feature

Cath Le Couteur (United Kingdom), Adrift, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers

Damien de Bourguignon (France), REGRESSION, Film Short

Debi Lang (USA), CORNERSTONE, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Documentary Short, Direction

Deborah C. Hoard and Rachel Ferro, PhotoSynthesis Productions (USA), RE: Thinking, Documentary Feature

Ece Soydam (Turkey), Wolf, Nature / Environment / Wildlife

Gabriele Altobelli and Charles Randolph (USA), American Fango, Film Feature

Inga Bremer (Germany), Franco’s Legacy – Spain’s Stolen Children, Documentary Feature

Jacqueline Murphy (USA), The Admired, Web Series, Women Filmmakers (Jacqueline Murphy), Editing (David Bartlett)

Joel Gill (USA), CR7 Underwear Commercial, Commercial / Infomercial

Kavi Raz (India), The Black Prince, Asian

Kenn Bell, ASPCA (USA), Second Chance Dogs, Documentary Feature, Special Purpose Productions

Madeleine Gavin (USA), City of Joy, Documentary Feature

Merve Cirisoglu Cotur (United Kingdom), The Box, Animation (Student)

Michael Leoni (USA), American Street Kid, Documentary Feature

Nancy Wennan Zhang (China), A Little Memory, Animation (Student)

Niall Doran and Justin Smith (Australia), SIXTEEN LEGS, Documentary Feature, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Cinematography, Editing

Palesa Lebona (South Africa), Cream, Women Filmmakers

Paul Scott, Mindful Media Pty Ltd (Australia), Are You Racist?, Documentary Short, Direction

Richer Hu (Taiwan), Memories Of Dreams, Film Short

Seanwen Yang (Taiwan), Mountaineering to Yushan, Film Short

silberstern GmbH Filmproduktion (Germany), Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg state-of-the-art logistic services, Industrial / Technical / Business, Corporate / Employee Communication

Steven Rooke, Tile Films (Ireland), Sacred Sites: Chaco Canyon, Religion / Ethics and Sacred Sites: Templars, Documentary Program / Series and Sacred Sites: Petra, History / Biographical / Travel

Tammy-Anne Fortuin (USA), Aimee, Film Short

Tim Bathurst (USA), The Manny, Television – Pilot Program

Uranchimeg  Urtnasan (USA), Golden Treasure, Asian

Wilfried Méance (France), Unleavened Bread, Film Short

~ Award of Merit Special Mention ~

Babis Galanakis (Greece), A Journey, Film Short

Carlos Sargedas (Portugal), Cape Espichel – In Land of a Lost World, Documentary Feature

Christian Whittaker (United Kingdom), My Dearest Jean, Film Short

Connor Fitzgerald (USA), Succeeding at Life, Drama Program / Series

Danielle Kronenberg and Jay Palmieri Jr. (USA), Taste, LGBT

Danielle Kronenberg, Sandra Herlog and Jackie  Massar (USA), CANVAS, LGBT

Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Surviving on the Strange Island (Argumentative Ability (2)), Educational / Instructional / How-To

Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Super Intelligence Duel (Story Endings), Educational / Instructional / How-To

Hunt Burdick (USA), The White Bull, Film Short

INDEPENDENT INSTITUTE (USA), Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate, Film Short

Jacqueline Murphy (USA), The Admired, Actor: Leading (Steve Carnahan as Billy Nightingale), Actress: Leading (Jacqueline Murphy as Olivia Spencer), Television – Pilot Program, Television – Program / Series

James L. Perry (USA), The Cursed Man, Actor: Leading (Brahm Gallagher as Alister Kunkle), Actor: Supporting (Jim Tavaré as Terry)

Justin Krul (Netherlands), Unseen, Experimental

Kavi Raz (India), The Black Prince, Actor: Leading (Satinder Sartaaj as Maharajah Duleep Singh, Last King of Sikh Kingdom)

Nadav Mishali (Israel), Longing, Jewish (Student)

Niall Doran and Justin Smith (Australia), SIXTEEN LEGS, Original Score (Sixteen Legs & the Siren’s Song: Dean Stevenson and Kate Miller-Heidke)

Richard Anthony Dunford (United Kingdom), Heartbox, Film Short

Seanwen Yang (Taiwan), Postcards from Nanan, Film Short

Staci Layne Wilson, Philly Chick Pictures (USA), Psycho Therapy, Actress: Leading (Brooke Lewis as Tonia)

Tung Sun (Tiger) Tse (USA), Princess Yun, Film Short

Ty Coughenour (USA), Five Dollars, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples

Victoria Greene (USA), Forgotten Bayou, Documentary Feature

~ Award of Merit ~

Adam Gilbert (USA), On Softer Ground, Music Video

Alan De Herrera (USA), The Jumper Maybach Story, LGBT

Alicia Hayes (USA), THE LOOK, Film Short

Andrew Wall (Canada), THE LAST OBJECTORS, Christian, Documentary Short

Assaf Ben Shetrit (USA), Elements of Matter, Film Feature, Script / Writer

Aviv Kegen (Israel), Red Car, Film Short (Student)

bellopropello (Switzerland), cupid is not a terrorist, Animation

Catherine Ventura (USA), It’s All About Me, Music Video

Charles Mandracchia (USA), You Got A Problem…, Animation, Direction

Chris Flook, Ball State University (USA), Everlasting Light: The Story of Indiana’s Bicentennial Torch Relay, Documentary Short, Documentary / Program/ Series, History / Biographical / Travel, Cinematography

Chris Weatherhead, Actors’ Theatre of South Carolina’s Moving Images Group film division (USA), John Laurens War, Documentary Feature, Actor: Supporting (Clarence Felder as Henry Laurens), Cinematography (Richard Almes, UniMedia LLC)

Colin Graham and Laura Graham (United Kingdom), Outcaste – The House that Carol Built, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers

David Swift (USA), Mine is the Sunlight: Refugee Youth in Germany, Documentary Short

Deborah Espect (United Kingdom), As We Are, Web Series

Declan Lighthouse (USA), Edition X, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger

Diana Boylston (USA), A Story Like Mine, Documentary Feature

Dieter – Michael Grohmann (Belgium), follow me, Experimental

Edgar Baghdasaryan (Armenia), The Simon’s way, Film Short, Script / Writer, Direction

Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), What kind of question, what kind of investigation?, Educational / Instructional / How-To

Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), One’s Conscience Asserts Itself (Selections from Mencius), Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays

Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Areas (2), Educational / Instructional / How-To

Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Defeating the King of Germs, Educational / Instructional / How-To

Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Three-dimensional Shapes (I), Educational / Instructional / How-To

Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Eye, Ear, Mouth, Educational / Instructional / How-To

Educational Television Unit, Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Humanity and Nature, Educational / Instructional / How-To

Elan J. Milkes (USA), Finding The Zone, Movie Trailer

Elizabeth Dean (USA), 1943, Women Filmmaker, Original Score (1943, composed by Shie Rozow), Dramatic Impact

Eric Heimbold (USA), BLIND SUSHI, Documentary Short

Fernanda  Dedavid and Renata Baldi (Brazil), TRANS, Documentary Short

Freddie Connor (USA), Sipped, Film Short, Direction, Creativity / Originality, Actor: Leading (Ralph Scott as George)

Han Zhang (USA), Stars, Animation (Student)- AAU ALUM

Imelda O’Reilly (USA), Eggs and Soldiers, Film Short

Ivan Ruiz Serrano (Spain), My tiredness hasn´t limit, Original Song (From The Enchanted, composed by Ivan Ruiz Serrano, lyrics by Ricardo Dávila and Ángela Boj)

Jacqueline Murphy (USA), The Admired, Actress: Supporting (Maria Elena Infantino as Starlet Moore), Film Short, Actor: Supporting (Leon Winters as Mr Z), Original Song (When Your Admired, Music & Lyrics-Bridget Brady), Costume Design (Sue Wong, Warden Neil and Rashon Wilson), Original Score (Composed by Ruy Folguera), Direction, Script / Writer (Jacqueline Murphy, Lynne Newton, Leonid Andronov)

James L. Perry (USA), The Cursed Man, Actress: Leading (Brinna Locke as Dr. Anna Lee), Actress: Supporting (Ruth Connell as Bonnie), Film Feature

James William Theres and Chris Windfield (USA), The 30th of May, African American

Jeffrey Teitler (USA), OFFICER DOWN, Documentary Short

Jenness Rouse (USA), Becca on Call, Television – Pilot Program, Webisode, Women Filmmakers

Jo Meuris (USA), Why Use Animation?, Educational / Instructional / Training and Marydean Martin Library, Educational / Instructional / Training

Johan Eriksson (Israel), Hoda’s Story, Documentary Feature

Josiah Engstrom, MotoVike Films (USA), Teach Us All, Movie Trailer

Judson Vaughan (United Kingdom), Soul Breaker, Actor: Leading (Judson Vaughan as Freddie Dale and the Cosmos Creature)

Kamen Casey (USA), Red City, Film Short

Ken Marsolais and Nancy Vick (USA), The Bullish Farmer, Documentary Feature

Kento Masuda and Tomo Oya (Japan), Godsend Rondo, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays

Marcelo Martindale (USA), The Other Place, Web Tube Length Video

Maria Alvarez (USA), Céline, Women Filmmaker (Student)

Maritza Brikisak (USA), The Lurking Man – FEATURE, Actor: Leading (Daniel Lench as Sariel), Actor: Supporting (Frank Krueger as Wilson)

Matt Cline (USA), Blue Eyes, Music Video

Melissa Troutman (USA), TRIPLE DIVIDE [REDACTED], Documentary Feature

Melody Shemtov (USA), The Activists: War, Peace, and Politics in the Streets, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmaker

Michael Boston (USA), Dress Rehearsal, Actor: Leading (Michael Boston as Abner Trust), Film Short

Mischa Marcus and Stephanie Bell (USA), I Am Still Here, Women Filmmakers

Nasser Aldhaheri (United Arab Emirates), A tale of water, palm trees and family, Documentary Feature

Nicole Albarelli (United Kingdom), To Dream, Women Filmmakers

Paula Neves (USA), Pumpkin, Women Filmmakers

Peter Zhaoyu Zhou (USA), Karma, Animation (Student)

Ramana Pmv (India), Living Idle, Film Short

Rebecca Gibson, Eagle Vision (Canada), TAKEN – Emily Osmond, Television – Program / Series

Richard T. Wilson (USA), Under the Flowers, Web Series

Rob Nichols (Australia), Australian Penguins, Penguin Island, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Cinematography

Robert Rooy (USA), DEEJ, Disability Issues

Ryan David Tsang (USA), Nocturne, Film Short

Sadhvi Siddhali Shree (USA), Stopping Traffic, Women Filmmakers

Samuel Rich (USA), Lost Kites, Documentary Short

Sherry Malone (USA), What’s My Price?, Documentary Feature

Silver Donald Cameron and Chris Beckett (Canada), Green Rights: The Human Right to a Healthy World, Documentary Feature

Sonia Bajaj (USA), Rose, Film Short

Stefanie Woodburn (USA), POLE, Film Short

Stephanie Neroes (USA), Fauk My Life: Pilot, Webisode

Steven Wishnoff (USA), Life Interrupted – Pilot, Actor: Leading (Mason Reese as Mason Bell), Actress: Leading (Alison Arngrim as Ally Hughes), Actress: Supporting (Dawn Wells as Annie Hughes), Television – Pilot Program

Sunny Tamber (Canada), Finding Spirit, Documentary Short

Tracy DuFlo, WPBS-TV (USA), Discovering Watertown, Documentary Program / Series

Tung Wu (USA), Butterfly, Film Short

Vladimir Kudryashov (Russia), Percent, Film Short (Student)

Ward Anderson, Alexynn Entertainment (Canada), Ward Anderson: Kind of, Sort of, Grown-Up., Humor / Humorist

We Make Movies, Inc. (USA), Off The Grid, Television – Pilot Program

Yeeshai Gross and Matt Scott (USA), Shattered, Educational / Instructional / Training, Jewish

~ Award of Recognition ~

Alan De Herrera (USA), The Jumper Maybach Story, Documentary Feature

Andrea Natale (Italy), Journey Notes, Film Short

April Campion (USA), Amoriph, Film Short

Arjun Chatterjee (Singapore), Julie, Film Short

Bryan  Fellows (USA), Missions Today, Women Filmmakers

Buchi Ogbonnaya (USA), The EXPERIENCE, Christian

Caleb Johnson and Clint Calvert (USA), Posi-Traction, Film Short

Campbell Dalglish (USA), Road Kill, Film Short

Chan Chow Wah (Singapore), We are not a nuisance!, Nature / Environment / Wildlife

Charles Gregory, Tisha Crippen and Daphnee Vieux (USA), We Talk Weekly, Television – Program / Series

Chris Weatherhead, Actors’ Theatre of South Carolina’s Moving Images Group film division (USA), John Laurens War, Actor Leading (Robbin Knight as John Laurens), Direction (Chris Weatherhead)

Daniel Selleck (USA), Bye Felicia: Wrath of the Girl Next Door, Film Short

David Mathew Walters (USA), Thalassemia: Life Without Boundaries, Disability Issues

Dennis Colligan (USA), House Of Dreams, Film Short

Dominic Carlo P. Nuesa (Philippines), The Sun Behind You, Actor: Leading (Bong Cabrera as Jamiluddin), Actor: Supporting (Mike Liwag as Omar), Asian, Film Feature, Islamic

Elvis delBagno (Brazil), The Man With the Orange Head, Film Feature, Direction, Actor: Leading (Adriano Süto as Walter)

Elza Zagreda and Dhimiter Ismailaj- Valona (USA), Growing up FAT and Albanian, Film Short, Women Filmmakers

Ethan Eng (Canada), Love Potion, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger

Frank Zarrillo (USA), The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story, Documentary Feature

Hadeel Hadidi (USA), Raghad, Islamic

Harris Gurny, Vassar College (USA), Ciao, Documentary Short (Student)

Igor Malakhov (Canada), The Grand Duchess Olga in the land of the Maple Leaf, Documentary Short

Jessica Lisette (USA), The Other Side, Music Video

Joe Diamand (USA), The IBUR Connection, Jewish

Joe Zappa (USA), Clever Girl, Episode Nine, Webisode

John Chatwin (Australia), I Contacted Poison Control, Experimental

John Mendoza (USA), Pride and Fury, Film Short

Johnny Sepulveda (USA), GREY, Film Short

KB Kutz (USA), The Honey Badger, Documentary Short

Larry Rosen (USA), After the Outbreak, Script / Writer

Lesley Hoyt-Croft; Carlos Arzate (USA), The Ballad of Louis Taylor, Music Video

Luis Estrada Luna (USA), One Night In Mexico, Film Feature

Lynn Montgomery (USA), Don’t Sell My Guitars, Documentary Short

Mak Toriano (USA), Conspiracy 2020 ALIENS & DEMONS, African American

Marci Krown (USA), Thank God For Jelly, Children / Family Programming, Women Filmmaker

Maritza Brikisak (USA), The Lurking Man – FEATURE, Actress: Leading (Maritza Brikisak as Cailean/Orthon), Film Feature, Women Filmmakers (Maritza Brikisak), Art Direction (Luie P. Garcia)

Martin Helstáb (Hungary), Bug’s breakfast, Animation

Michael Hilf (USA), A Game of Chicken, Film Short

Michael Turner (USA), Heavy Nimbostratus Clouds, Film Short (Student)

Miroslav Nincic (USA), Departing, Documentary Feature

Mojtaba Bakhtiari Azad (USA), A Boy’s Own Stroy, Documentary Short (Student)

Nathaniel Krause (USA), The Real Drakoolavs, Web Series (Student)

Nicholas Frost (USA), Happy Places, Actor: Leading (Mardell Elmer as The Stranger)

Nikolay Bogomilov (Timoteo) (Bulgaria), BULGARIANUM (a documentary tale), Experimental

Rebecca Hardy (United Kingdom), DisPossess, Series 2, Web Series, Actress: Leading (Grace Dixon as Maxine), Actress: Supporting (Kelly Passaro as Perception), Actor: Supporting (Lex Lamprey as Felix)

Roger Hill (USA), Tribes, Use of Film / Video for Social Change

Sara Eustáquio (Portugal), Mirror, Actress: Leading (Jaimie Marchuk as Girl in the Mirror)

Sasha Sibley (USA), Thirteen, Film Short (Student)

Shuhe Wang (USA), Cartoon Book, Women Filmmakers (Student)

Sonja Bertucci (USA), A Hard World For Little Things, Film Short

Turner Browne and Elaine Partnow (USA), The Quotable Woman Speaks, Educational / Instructional / Training

Tyna Ezenma (USA), Ghostwriter, Women Filmmakers (Student)

Yeeshai Gross and Matt Scott (USA), Shattered, Experimental, Film Short, Public Service Programming / PSA