Top 5 Study Tips for Finals Week

It’s finals week here at Academy of Art University! Although it’s a great feeling to have a few more classes under your belt, finals week can quickly become a stressful time for students. But it doesn’t have to be! Knowing how to properly prepare for your exams is key to not stressing and getting the grades you desire. Ensure you’re ready for finals by following these 5 study tips.

Get Help

See an Academic Coach (79 NM, 3rd floor) for time management, study skills, and stress management tips. Check for available ARC content tutoring at

Use Time Appropriately

Make a realistic study plan by designating study times when you’re the most alert, breaking down study times into small chunks, and making time to take breaks to recharge and energize yourself.  Set deadline and study session reminders on your planners, post-it notes, or your phones. Prioritize your time by completing tasks based on due dates and being prepared to say “No” to favors, partying, and other irrelevant activities.

Take Care of Yourself

Stay hydrated, avoid sugar and caffeine, and SLEEP to provide your body and brain the energy they need to concentrate and make it through finals week. Practice stress relieving activities throughout the week to avoid burnout.

Find the Best Study Space

Find a study/workspace that is quiet, free from distractions, and comfortable. Make sure you have all the materials and supplies you need ready before your study/work sessions.

Meet and Exceed Expectations

Understand your assignment requirements and your instructors’ expectations. Review rubrics and assignments guidelines before starting and submitting assignments. Ask questions when unclear about requirements. Remember to apply all of the feedback you’ve received from your instructors and peers.

By following these 5 tips, you’ll be sure to ace finals week. Just a reminder, if you’d like any additional tutoring assistance, tutoring sessions run now through this Sunday at ARC at 79 NM, 3rd floor.

Good luck, we know you’ll do great!