Subaru x IND Project Part 3

Watch: Industrial Design School Students Pitch Their Concepts to Subaru Execs

In Part 3 of the Subaru x Industrial Design Project Series, the students prepare for midterms, which also happens to be their first major presentation.

Anxiety runs high in the room, and completely understandably so. After all, the students are facing the Subaru Design managers for the first time again since Briefing Day. These executives have not seen the students’ design process at all, and so their reactions will say a lot about how well the project is going so far.

The first team focused on Subaru Services presented their concept for Suba-Route. Meanwhile, the designers unveiled their one-seater car concept, while the Brand Image team worked on “The Manifesto”, which communicates the brand of Subaru as not just a car brand, but also a luxury one.

Constructive, Positive Feedback

Overall, Subaru is pleased with what the students have come up with so far. They noted that there’s a lot more clarity to the concepts as compared to some two weeks ago. Indeed, a lot of progress can be made with productive collaboration.

This is just the first presentation, though, so the students cannot afford to relax just yet. Next thing for them to do is show feasibility of their concept, and further refine it for improvement.

How far can they take their ideas? You’ll have to stay tuned for the next part of the series. But meanwhile, here’s Part 3 featuring the midterms presentation to Subaru.

Just getting on board? Check out Part 1 of the series here, and then Part 2 here.

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