Weekend Inspo: H.E.R. Piano in Grammys was Created by Industrial Design School Grad

Feeling optimistic, excited, and positively bursting with creative ideas for projects that you can’t wait to get started on? Good. Hold on to that feeling, keep that fire burning and you might end up creating something suited for the world stage, like this one.

If you caught the Grammy’s, then it would have been impossible to not notice the amazing digital grand piano that H.E.R. used for her Sometimes song number. It sounds as stunning as it looks, but even more pleasantly surprising than that is that it was a design by one of our own.

That’s right, an Academy of Art University alumnus Jong Chan Kim designed that concept piano for Roland. It won manufacturer’s design contest in 2016, and now we literally see his creation come to life.

So yeah, if you have that spark of optimism and creativity, hold it close and dear to you. It’s only the first week back in school, and there will be more challenges for you to face. Challenges that may otherwise derail or dissuade you from carrying out your plans.

But keep your focus, eyes on the prize, and you might end up winning something big for yourself, like Jong Chan Kim did.

Read about how he joined the contest and his experience creating this fantastic piece of instrument here.

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