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What You’ll Learn Earning a Landscape Architecture Degree

What can you expect to learn while earning your landscape architecture degree? This informative guide helps break it down.

landscape architecture degree provides you with the comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to excel in this growing industry.

Pursuing it as a career requires that you know about more than just flora, fauna, and ecology. Sustainability, digital imaging, and modeling, as well as business skills like budgeting and presentation are also crucial to your success.

 Landscape Architecture students at work

What to Expect When Getting A Landscape Architecture Degree

Having a successful landscape architecture degree means taking the right courses that lead to a diploma. You’ll find an overview of what you can expect in the way of these classes and how you can use them to support your loves of landscaping and architecture below.

Bringing Landscaping Ideas to Life

As a landscape architecture designer, you need to know how to use your clients’ ideas to create, design and draft plans to scale along with their required elevations and sections. Creating with line drawings provides you with the foundation you need to clearly and effectively communicate these ideas.

Landscape Architecture student drafting

Using Technology to Create

Previously learned hand drafting skills and techniques are taken to the next level. Potential landscape architects are taught how to apply them to the latest in cutting-edge technology. The digital do cuments you create will employ the methods, commands and techniques that are needed so your drawings are accurate, legible, and organized.

Drilling Down Into Flora and Fauna

Going beyond the obvious characteristics of the flora and fauna you’ll be working with is necessary in order to gain a deeper understanding of nature and the landscape. Using hands-on exploration, you’ll learn how natural properties affect the design of your project and formulate strategies that support and emphasize them.

Landscape Architecture model aerial view

Design Theory and the Environment

Being able to demonstrate to the general public that landscaping architecture is an important and viable approach to appreciating the environment is an important element of this career. Using specific observational methods, you’ll learn how to record and analyze your findings before creating presentations that support values and touch people.

Creating Spaces with People in Mind

The ability to look at a site and develop a plan that incorporates your client’s needs and desires while implementing key practices such as sustainable site engineering and space programming is necessary if you want a landscape architecture career. This course helps you identify problem areas before developing solutions and recommendations that are delivered to the client.

The School of Landscape Architecture at the Academy of Art University provides a comprehensive landscape architecture degree that sets you up for success. You can apply now if you’re ready to get started or request more information.

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