Where Does My Burrito Come From?

If you have classes at 180 New Montgomery, you have probably walked past a Chipotle that is only a few storefronts down the block. Chipotle is known for being a Mexican grill chain that make and sell gourmet burritos and tacos. They pride themselves for having “food with integrity” by serving sustainably raised food. They use animal meat raised without antibiotics or added hormones whenever they can. To promote their cause and awareness, Chipotle has worked with filmmakers and studios to produce 2 short animated films, Back to the Start and The Scarecrow. Below are the videos of the shorts and the behind the scenes making of each film, which includes early concept art and interviews with the filmmakers. Do you think the shorts below will encourage the public to make better food choices? Will we now be aware of where our food comes from and how it gets into our red burrito baskets?

The Scarecrow


The Scarecrow – Behind the Scenes


Back to the Start


Back to the Start – Behind the Scenes